Important information

If you have not been to us before, or are not confident in entering our airspace (which is very busy at weekends), you should delay your visit or seek the advice of a more experienced person.

Up-to-date conditions can be sought by calling the Hinton Skydive Centre 01295 812 300, but note that Hinton is an unlicensed airfield so they cannot give you definitive advice, only observations to help you to make your own decision.

Please submit only if you have read, understood and accept the following conditions.

Permission is considered granted if you complete this form and submit it to us.

Further information

  1. Visiting aircraft are requested to use runway 06/24 (700 metres x 18 metres) Circuits are variable. There are two further hard runways which are NOT suitable for landing or taking off.
  2. Gliding activities generally use opposite circuit direction to powered aircraft so there is NO DEAD SIDE. Give way to gliders at all times which may operate on 06/24. When on finals, keep a good lookout for gliders turning base leg to final for 06/24 and 09/27 grass areas.
  3. Whilst parachuting is in progress, it is advisable to hold 5NM clear of the circuit and join the circuit when all jumpers are down. At times when there is no gliding or parachuting, make blind calls and observe normal circuit procedures.